Why am I going?

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 5.29.54 PMThis trip has been in the planning for many years. Ever since I heard of the Four Corners Tour of the USA it captured my imagination. The thought of traveling to the furthest cities in the US held a special attraction for me (Key West, FL, San Ysidro, CA, Blaine, WA and Madawaska, ME). I’ve always wanted to see what’s over the next ridge or around the next curve (can you say ADHD). I plan on visiting with family and friends around the country during my travels, which will be an added bonus. One of the most interesting aspects of traveling by motorcycle is that everyone from old men to little kids want to know where you’re heading and why. The old men always have stories of their motorcycle adventures and the little kids just want to sit on the bike. This trip is just one more check mark off of my bucket list. I hope you enjoy my blog and hopefully I will be able to share my adventures and pictures with you as I travel the back roads of our country. My kids provided inspiration for me to go on this type of trip. Scott spent three months in the mountains of California teaching school kids how to survive in the wilderness and Eric spent two months hiking 620 miles from the northern tip of Israel to the southern tip of Israel. A special thanks needs to go out to my wife for allowing me this time on the road and for understanding my passion for this type of adventure. I also want to thank my sister in law, Helene, for helping to set up this blog, because without her you wouldn’t be reading it!

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7 Responses to Why am I going?

  1. Robert Bensman says:

    Best of luck on your trip! May your experience provide enlightenment, new friendships, beautiful vistas, and a safe trip home! Look forward to your sharing, and hearing about your experiences!

  2. Julie Webb says:

    This is so cool! Have a fabulous trip–can’t wait to read all about your adventures. Safe travels, Julie

  3. Bruce Granger says:

    Steve, wish you the very best. Will be watching your progress. Enjoy and keep miling, even when the long miles and rain get you down!! Bruce Granger

  4. Meg Ronayne says:

    This is awesome Steve! Thank you for sharing and allowing us to “join” you on your trip! Kudos to you for making so many of your dreams come true… there are so many people who wait too long and then it is too late! Safe travels and godspeed!

  5. debi Moore says:

    Dear Easy Rider,
    I’m following your blog. You’re an animal! Stay safe, and get home in one piece.

  6. john goldman says:

    Steve, great log so far. You’ve given me hitch itch. Just might have to take the RV out for a spin on Wednesday and pick some morel mushrooms. We will have to compare notes on Franklin, NC where a good buddy of mine used to live. Hope your FL meandearings take you to the Redneck Riviera along the gulf coast near Panama city beach. Don’t miss the oysters! Also check out Big Bend Natl Park in Texas on the Rio Grande. Best John Goldman.

  7. michael svoboda says:

    Steve: absolutely captivating. Definitely on my “bucket list”. Your tips and guidance valuable.

    What a guy!!!!!

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