May 30th

We started the day under beautiful crystal clear skies. The wonderful smell of honeysuckle was in the air as we departed Bruce’s house in TN. at around 9AM. We had an incredible ride down to Georgia via the back roads of TN, NC, SC and GA. Had BBQ in Franklin, NC and then onto our camping destination in the Oconee National Forest in GA. Unfortunately all good plans have a hitch. Today, as always, life is all about how you deal with Plan B. When we arrived at the published campground address there was no campground, just a closed ranger station. Because we were having such a good time carving up the backroads we didn’t arrive until minutes before sunset. We immediately called 4-5 campgrounds in the area (which close at 9PM down here) and the State Police for guidance. I am now writing this blog from a “rural” motel. Camping will have to be put off for another night. I have included two pictures. The first picture is a riddle for you: what are the two wooden poles used for?? The second picture is of me near the highest point on the Cherohala Skyway in TN.

Our next day we’re onto FL.

Answer to riddle is below the pictures!!

All the best,




The answer: These poles were installed by the Forest Service to allow the indigenous flying squirrels to cross the road safely.

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4 Responses to May 30th

  1. judi says:

    I knew the anwer…..

  2. Faith says:

    great stories — it’s almost like being there – and I may be one of the few who know what that is like! Say hi to Bruce!

  3. Steve Ettelson says:

    I did not know the answer I thought is was like the poles bordering the ski lift for colorful objects – let your imagination run

  4. Donald J. Schaffer says:

    Love the Helmet Hair. Don Schaffer

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