July 14th, 15th & 16th

July 14th

This was a treat, slept in, didn’t have to ride ANYWHERE!! After a little maintenance on the bike, Judi and I met with Mark, Caryn, Matt, Jamie and most importantly Ian, my grandnephew. We spent the afternoon at Ravina Green CC watching Ian, who is 20 months old, show us how to hit a golf ball at the driving range. His favorite club is the Boom Boom (the driver). Once he was confident that we had mastered the driving range, he took us to the putting/chipping green and displayed his short game skills. Judi and I went home where she relaxed and I packed and repacked several times. Overall, a nice relaxing day!

July 15th

I left Deerfield around 8AM for Madawaska, Maine. Round trip it is about 2,500 to 3,000 miles and it is located north and east of Quebec City, Ontario. After riding 10,000+ miles, this leg of the trip seems like a short weekend ride in comparison. It felt like I had just done this same drill, but now without the nervous anticipation of the unknown. The routine had already been established, get up, pack, check the room to make sure nothing is left behind, head out in the general direction (east, west, north or south) that I needed to go. Pretty simple, I just have to figure out which road will take me to where I need to go…sorta like life.

There are no pictures of Chicago, Gary, I-294 or I-80, sorry. I got on I-80 for a short time and quickly decided to get off ASAP and went directly to Rt. 6 East. On paper it was a good plan, travel the back roads thru Indiana and Ohio vs. I-80. What I didn’t count on was the two 20 mile detours that were within the first hour and half of getting onto Rt. 6. This shaved at least one hour off my time and I also lost one hour due to the time change. This wouldn’t have mattered much, but I had arranged to stay at a fellow JMA (Jewish Motorcycle Alliance) member’s home in Cleveland, and I didn’t want to roll in at 10PM. So I made my way to the Interstate in order to get there at a reasonable hour.

Mark and Grace were very gracious and opened their house to a fellow motorcyclist. It turns out that Mark has a couple of bikes, one of which he races on the track (see picture attached). We spent the evening making connections and talking bikes, what else??

July 16th

Mark took me to a local restaurant in the Pepper Pike area. The ride was breathtaking, and only minutes from his home, what a lucky guy!

He gave me some directions for me to start my ride east, which were wonderful. I was able to experience the beautiful rolling hills of Ohio. He purposely routed me through the Amish community, which was a real treat (see more photos). As I rode through the hills, I really didn’t map anything out for todays ride. Luckily, Bruce Benton called me while I was riding and he was able to route me to some fabulous roads while sitting at his home computer. It was just like he was behind me, the only difference was that I didn’t need to check the mirrors to see where he was. After 4-5 hours of traveling the back roads, I got caught for 30 miles behind a “extra wide” truck that was doing 15 MPH. No one could pass him because he had both chase and lead cars with flashers. Once I was able to free myself of this torture I again made my way to the Interstate, just to get some miles under my belt. I ended up in Rochester, NY for the evening. Tomorrow I head to the Adirondack Park Preserve and then to Burlington, VT.

Somewhere in Iowa, what can I say about this picture.


Mark and his Ducati


You don’t see this at the corner of Lake Cook and Waukegan Rd.!!



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